Thursday, January 11, 2007

Small Successes

These are the small things I've done this week. I've not done any big things for quite some time!

- Swapped 5 books via ReadItSwapIt - I thereby declare it a success but I won't be doing any more swaps until I have read this small stack of books.
- Sold two textbooks on Amazon from my arts management course, making me £15. They cost more than this originally so it isn't technically a profit, but that was two years ago, so the money is a bonus now.
- Signed up to my local Freecycle where as luck would have it a fashion student was looking for bags of old clothes for a project, so she came to take away the three bags I'd sorted out at the weekend as being for charity (who probably wouldn't have wanted them anyway).
- Returned a dress I bought before Christmas without buying anything else.
- Received the Honorarium (a small discretionary payment) for the four months work I did at the Gallery before I left, which I thought I wasn't going to get as it is discretionary, so another unexpected bonus.

I still haven't been swimming in 2007, have eaten too many biscuits at work and am no nearer moving house, but small steps are good.


Anonymous said...

so readitswapit works then?

I looked at it but was a bit dubious as last year I tried another site called greenmetropolis that you post unwanted books on and people pick them and even tho my books were on there for ages, I never got rid of one...but tas I write this I realise it may be showing what awful taste in books I have, that no-one wants them

SandDancer said...

Yes, it works very well - but then I did get rather carried away and added 94 books to it! So plenty of things for people to choose from. I've had lots of other people wanting to swap with me but they haven't had anything I've wanted because they only had 5 books, so I think it helps to have a good selection.

I looked at greenmetropolis too a while ago but there just seemed to be hundreds of the same book for sale and I didn't have anything particularly different.