Monday, January 29, 2007

California Dreamin'

We are unlikely to have a proper holiday this year. We might go to Devon later in the year to stay with or housesit for a couple we know who are moving down there soon, but we won't have a proper holiday. This is mainly down to the flat-buying, but not just the money side of it - the OH only has five days holiday to last until July and a couple of those will need to be used for the move and decorating etc.

But we've decided to go to San Francisco on holiday next spring.

I'm very excited about this, even though it is ages away. I've wanted to go to San Francisco for a long time, but was having trouble persuading the OH. He is very much in love with New York and would happily go there for every holiday. But last week, he relented and agreed that SF might be worth a visit. Nothing to do with my powers of persuasion - more the promise of another basketball stadium and a suitable hotel from the same group as his beloved Muse Hotel in NY.

I've acquired a Rough Guide to California through the book swap website. It is 12 years out of date, but I thought it would do for now so that we can plan roughly what areas we want to go to and then I'll get a more up-to-date version before we go. I spent most of Saturday reading this and am even more excited I will be re-reading Kerouac, listening to Jefferson Airplane and watching Vertigo (and Monk) for further research purposes over the next year.

Can I sustain this excitement for 15 months or will my mind wander like a butterfly onto something else?

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Miss Forthright said...

Ooh that will be fabulous. It's such an indie place. My ex was obsessed with the San Fran baseball team and he always wanted to go there.