Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Review of the Year

Happy New Year! Rather belatedly I thought I would do a review of 2006.

2006 seemed to pass too quickly (another sign of being old!) and it seemed to have been a fairly uneventful year for me too (which leaves me wondering why I started a blog this year).

Bad Year for:

Failed miserably to find a new job and my decision to leave the gallery which I'm still not 100% certain was the right thing to do. But on the positive side I did oversee the successful relaunch of the website at work and had some success at fundraising for the gallery before I left, so not all bad.

Started the year with an ambitious plan to save loads but it didn't quite happen (see Dresses below).

Not really been too thrilled by much new music this year and hardly went to any gigs and no festivals which in previous years would have been a main part of my social life.

I really haven't seen the inside of the local pool as much as I should have this year. Bizarrely though I've ended the year a lot lighter than I started it.

Good Year for:

We started the year in New York which was great - BB King's restaurant for brunch and the Harlem Gospel Choir which was probably my 'gig' of the year too. We also went to Paris for my birthday, Madeira and Cornwall.
The Relationship
Its had its ups and downs, but I think we are ending the year in a good place and he has agreed that I can get a pet rabbit when we move!

2006 was definitely the Year of the Dress for me. Is this a good or bad? My wardrobe is certainly much improved and I have at least one dress for every possible occassion, so in theory I don't need to buy anything more, but I am scared to count them.

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