Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our Woman in Havana

At the weekend, we saw 'The Last King of Scotland' - it was very good (I have a large soft spot for James McAvoy though).

Not really related to the plot as such, it did remind me of one of my unfulfilled daydreams. I've always fancied being the wife of a Foreign Office worker or Ambassador even, posted to a remote foreign land. I'd have little to do all day except moan about the heat & insects, attend embassy parties, perhaps have a torrid affair with a local and observe the political intrigue from a safe distance.

This is a rather odd ambition I must admit - ordinarily I would hate to have no other role than to be somebodies wife and I don't particularly like heat either. But still I get pangs of jealousy when I see these things depicted on screen or in books. I think I've read too many Graham Greene books - and even in those things usually end badly. Or maybe its just that Ferrero Rocher advert?


Miss Honey said...

I went to a party at the Malaysian ambassadors home (in Brunei) a few weeks ago. I'm sad to report it's not all ferrero roche.

SandDancer said...

How disappointing!