Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Owl Obsession

I quite easily find myself getting obsessed about things, especially clothing (remember the Celia Birtwell fiasco?) The latest of these bizarre addictions has been the Owl necklace. I'm not sure why it happened. Urban Outfitters were selling them but I decided that really I didn't need one. Then they sold out and I decided I must own an owl pendant. (I've always liked owls - my mum once bought me a toy one wearing a mortar board for doing well in my exams at school).

So I looked on ebay, got suckered into a bidding war which I lost. Then the Sunday Times Style magazine said owl were hot this season and I became ever more determined to find one. The OH, whilst somewhat bemused by the item itself, prides himself on being great at winning on ebay so he too became determined that I would have one. It involved him getting up at 3am to win it while I was away. But yesterday it arrived, all the way from Indiana, USA.
I do really like it and keep picking it up and cooing over it. But I'm not entirely sure what I will wear it with - large necklaces aren't my usual thing at all. And I'm thinking that perhaps instead I can find somewhere in the flat to hang it.


Natalie said...

I did this exact thing with the puff heart pendant. P just paid £20 inc p&p for one from Urban Outfitters. I couldn't rest til I had one.

SandDancer said...

It ended up being quite cheap - about £10 for the postage. He's not one of the UO ones though - he's apparently vintage 70s, although there seems to be quite a lot of them about.

Do you wear your heart pendant much?

Anonymous said...

I thought it looked a little 70s. There's something very... familiar... looking about it, but I can't quite place where/why.

Natalie said...

I havent receivied it yet! Very excited though.

Suz said...

Oh, no - you've just reminded me of the angel wing necklace I wanted from UO. Pooh :-(

PS - cute owl!

K said...


I've never posted to your blog before but have been reading for a while.

I love the owl, he looks very wise. How long is he? Lately I've been wearing long-ish pendants over plain t-shirts mostly because I haven't found any patterned t-shirts I've liked.

Otherwise I think he'd look cool hanging from a light switch.


SandDancer said...

Hello K.

His chain is 28 inches long - I've only had a quick try on and I think it would be better either a bit shorter or a bit longer. I've lots of plain tops so should be able to find something suitable to wear him with.

Natalie said...

Suz- they have very similar angel wing necklaces on I've just ordered one. £6.

Suz said...

Ooh, thanks Natalie - will go and have a look!