Friday, September 15, 2006


We are organising a conference where one of the speakers will talk about Britishness and Culture.

I expect it will be about multi-culturalism, how we've always been a nation made up of lots of peoples, how our culture is all the better for being a melting post etc - rather than talking about Union Jacks, binge-drinking, Big Brother and pit bulls.

However, the spell-check on my email didn't like the word 'Britishness' and instead suggested 'Brutishness'. Quite appropriate to much of the population I thought.

(especially that sick woman in the paper this week who boiled a puppy - this is has upset me greatly as I will readily admit to preferring dogs to human most of the time)


Jen said...

I like the spell check error ;)

And, good god, I haven't been keeping up with the news recently: a woman boiled a puppy?? bl*ody hell, that takes deplorable to new levels.Absolutely sickening.

SandDancer said...

She only got 4 months for it as well. Shamefully, she was from near where I'm from.