Friday, September 15, 2006

Retail Therapy

I've had a very stressful week at work. I can handle being super bsuy - I've complained enough in the past about not having enough to do. But its the unhelpful attitude of other people that makes it stressful.

So last night I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy, but it needed to be cheap 'n' cheerful - no use adding money worries to the list of stresses. I was torn between Topshop and Primark and in the end Primark won out as Topshop was bound to result in overspending on something another impractical dress.

I'm a fairly recent convert to the shopping sensation that is Primark and part of me still finds it a bit unsavoury. Why were there so many women 'resting' on the seats in the shoe area last night? None of them were trying on shoes, just resting - it can be a nightmare in there, but not so exhausting that you need a rest. So I was forced to hop about, balance on one foot to attempt to try on boots and shoes.

I bought a pair of grey ankle boots which is a bold move for me - I haven't owned ankle boots since they were called pixie boots and I was about seven. They were grey suede and I ruined them by spilling tea on them within a few days of getting them, and was never allowed suede again. (Actually, my mum probably still has this ban in place). Still not sure why I bought these boots - a bit too trendy for me really, but for £15 I thought I could experiment.

I also bought a grey jumper dress which suits me far better than any of the million other more expensive ones I've tried on recently, and some tights and socks. While browsing the tights, a girl asked me what size I thought she was. I feared it was a trick question & I'd get thumped if I answered incorrectly, but she then said she thought she was about the same size as me and what size do I buy. Seemed a bit odd, but I was glad to have been of service.

The haul came to £29.50, so I think I can treat myself to some Starbursts later.


Natalie said...

The jumper dress sounds nice, as do the boots. I really want to buy some dresses for work but I'm afraid if I do all the 50 year old men in my office will take too much of an interest.

SandDancer said...

There are hardly any straight men in my office so I could come to work in a bikini without attracting any attention.

Scarlett said...

great buys, bargain prices! love the sound of the dress

Suz said...

Man, you have to love Primark. (But not the people in it, usually!)

Sounds like a good haul - you've tmepted me to pop in there now! :-D

Jen said...

Sounds like some great purchases there Sand Dancer!! Like Suz, you've made me want to go in there as well!