Friday, September 15, 2006

Mass Media

London has recently acquired two new free newspapers and I've become rather obsessed with them.

While other commuters dodge to avoid the people handing them out, I MUST get both papers each night. I was disappointed tonight that there wasn't a TheLondonPaper pusher outside my tube stop - perhaps London Lite has won that particular turf war.

The thing is though I think both papers are pretty awful. The teaser advertising in Metro (which I also must read every day, but don't particularly like) for Lite was appalling and the paper hasn't been much better. Every other page features someone saying why they love Lite and they are always inane comments, usually akin to the person not wanting to read real news because the words are too long.

So I had high hopes for TheLondonPaper and the first edition wasn't so bad, but since then its gone downhill and I might even be swaying towards Lite in my preference. But I will keep going with them both (subject to availability) for a while before declaring a winner.


northern monkey said...

Glad I'm not the only one obsessed with free papers...then frustrated because they are so crap..

my train station doesn't carry metro so it's my morning mission to find one when I get down to the tube and then I always end up only reading about 3 articles in it

theLondonpaper seems to be winning round Elephant but that might be because they have a huge umbrella and about 10 people accosting everyone walking into the tube station

Jen said...

I'm new to the whole 'free' paper phenomenon.

So it's quite a novelty to get a Metro thrust at me each morning as I walk to work ;) But yes, I agree it isn't excatly the height of editorial brilliance really.