Friday, September 22, 2006

The downside of daytime television

I love detective programmes so being off on a week day does offer the possible delights of Diagnosis Murder, Perry Mason, Murder She Wrote etc. Not exactly award-winning brain-expanding stuff, but I like it. However, the flipside of being at home during the day is the awful probability of accidentally watching the Jeremy Kyle show.

While it is awful, its very difficult to turn it off. Yesterday, for example, I actually did think 'I'll turn over in a minute but I'll just find out the results of the DNA test first'. I mean really, what was I doing? I don't really care whether these two women are really full sisters or not -these people are nothing to me.

Where do they find these guests though? Putting aside the soap opera problems, why do they all have such bad teeth and posture? I'm not expecting everyone to have Hollywood white smiles and to have to had deportment lessons, but surely this isn't normal. Even the man who came round to service my mum's fire commented on one guest's need for a good dentist (one of the many and varied topics me and the fire repair man covered in his brief visit).

As for Jeremy Kyle, I hate him. He's so smug. I don't for a minute believe he did have 'a huge amount of respect' for the pair of smack addicts on this mornings show. The only thing he has a huge respect for is his own ego and the paycheck it gets him.

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Jen said...

Know what you mean, there's something really unpleasant about Jeremy Kyle, he's so false.Urgh.