Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Project Christmas

After this morning's post, I was griped with the determination to make some decorations.

I spent most of my lunch hour looking for festive shaped cookie cutters, but to no avail. This even included going into a dedicated Christmas shop, but star-shaped cutters it seems can not be bought for love nor money in the my locale.

Not to be defeated, I resorted to printing images of the internet to use as templates. I must admit, I have form with type of thing, having produced a great string of cardboard onions to complete a Parisian fancy dress costume, which was then followed up by giant cardboard pineapples that dangled dangerously from the ceiling at a particularly messy Hawaiian themed NYE party.

So tonight has been spent sat in a sea of wrapping paper, card, Prit stick and wire. The result - a chain of 8 reindeer and a string of five stars.

I'm fairly pleased with results (the rubbish camera phone picture doesn't do them justice on this you will have to trust me), but it hasn't made much impact on the overall room. I think I need about three-times as many and I'm not sure I've got the man hours left before Christmas.


Sam said...

I love your reindeers!!!! Did you manage to get anymore decorations made?

SandDancer said...

Thank you! I haven't made anymore yet as I went out last night but I will make more today - I've been a stencil for a dove as well now for a bit more variety.

Sam said...

I wish I had your artistic side! I just lug everything out of a box and put it back in the sam place it was last year - fnar!

SandDancer said...

Cheapness has driven me to this!

Miss Forthright said...

If you want some more cheap ideas then Primark have fairy lights for a couple of quid. Nice reindeers by the way.

Polly said...

I love those!