Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lady of Leisure

I have ended up with a glut of holiday time left to use up by the end of the year and as no rolling over is permitted, I am off work today and tomorrow, as well as a bizarre pattern of half days next week in order to use it up. This is a result of a combination of using it sparingly in the hope I wouldn't be there much longer, accruing several days off in lieu and my workload being cleverly fixed to make it pretty difficult to ever take much time off (despite the fact I am often chronically underemployed, in most months I have to be there for a couple days in at least three out of four weeks - which made the week in Cornwall a rare luxury).

So what have I done with this leisure time? Today I have done the following:

- Made 8 decorative reindeers, 4 doves and 5 stars.
- Watched two episodes of Adam Adamant Lives! on DVD
- Tried to sort out some flat-buying issues

and the highlight of my day (booked in anticipation that the flat-stuff would stress me out):
- a Hydromassage 'Sunbath' at a local spa, described thus:

"Research has confirmed the many benefits of bathing in the warm, sunlit, mineral rich Dead Sea. Now you can take a Dead Sea 'mini holiday' much closer to home - bathing in water rich in Dead Sea salts & minerals in our Hydromassage Sunbath. As your skin benefits from absorbing valuable minerals and other elements, thousands of tiny bubbles softly massage away stresses and strains, whilst specially filtered UV lamps help encourage a light colour - you will emerge feeling relaxed and glowing with radiant health"

Whilst I'm not sure I would describe myself as glowing with radiant health, I did enjoy it and am pleased that I at least did one thing interesting with my time off.


Miss Forthright said...

Oooh a nice pampering treat, how lovely. It makes you feel special, doesn't it?

SandDancer said...

Yes, although the robe wasn't as fluffy as I would have liked!

Miss Forthright said...

Ask for your money back!