Sunday, December 17, 2006


I'd forgotten how much I hate Louise Redknapp, but I've just watched the Clothes Show. I don't buy that cute simpering act for one minute. She is Satan. A rather bland Satan admittedly, but don't let that fool you.

I don't like her husband much either - I was indifferent to him while he was just an injury-prone footballer, but since he became an injury-prone football pundit and seems to have taken up permanent residence on my television (while the OH is here), I've started to dislike him nearly as much as his wife. I do quite like his Dad though - he might be a saggy-faced wheeler dealer, but at least he has a personality.


Anonymous said...

Rubbish! Louise is one of the nicest people around. Neither her or her husband Jamie have done anything to deserve such comments. You are entitled to your opinion though (but your opinion is wrong!).

SandDancer said...

I'm not overly keen on on 'nice' - I prefer people who are intelligent, talented or at least interesting.

Sam said...

"I'm not overly keen on on 'nice'"

hear, hear!!!!

Miss Forthright said...

I would sleep with Jamie Redknapp in a heartbeat.

SandDancer said...

You'd have to be very careful with him in case he broke a limb.

He is good-looking but in a dull way.