Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You're not very well are you?

I'm unwell. I've had a sore throat and been sneezing lots for days (a different sneeze from my hayfever sneeze). I've had hot eyelids and a muzzy head. I've been going into work still because the rest of my department have gone on holiday (another great management decision there). But after a night of coughing and spluttering, the OH has made me stay at home today.
I'm worried now that there is going to be trouble at work because of this. Obviously its not my fault that I'm unwell but I doubt anyone will see it that way. Our Chief Executive has already apparently sent my manager a 'strongly worded' email about her and the other one going on holiday at the same time, but now I'm going to have made things worse.
I'm rubbish at being ill - I hate doing nothing. It also means I miss going out for Woz's birthday curry tonight, which I was looking forward to. Well, I was looking forward to the food part - their other friends are all rich and successful & talk constantly about careers, so I always come away feeling like a failure, so its probably for the best that I can't go really.


Suz said...

Being ill sucks. Get well soon, SandDancer!

Shinyaholic said...

Poor you! Have a take away curry and eat it under the duvet on the sofa.
Works wonders!

SandDancer said...

Thanks. I've failed to take it easy today and have done loads of cleaning.