Monday, August 21, 2006


noun: turmoil, uproar, fuss.

My OH was delighted when this word was used yesterday in relation to the controversy at the cricket as its apparently one of his favourite words. He was also pleased that we were awarded the game, but I really don't think that is quite in the spirit of cricket. I quite enjoyed the whole thing though - much more interesting than the actual game of cricket had been.

But that wasn't the only brouhaha. At about 3.45 this morning we were woken up by someone talking on a walkie talkie outside of our window. A few minutes later there was the sound of a helicopter circling overhead. OH looked out of the window and confirmed it was the police. We heard them talking again and made out vague bits of conversation, but not enough to know what type of criminals they were looking for. The helicopter continued flying low overhead for hours and I think it may even still be out there now. We've looked at every news medium possible this morning but found no mention of it.


Suz said...

I find this so frustrating! My friends road was closed off with a big police/fire presence and we still have no idea why. Perhaps I'm just really nosy - but that kind of things annoys me something rotten!

SandDancer said...

I'm considering asking my friend who is in the police if she can find out what it was all about.

Jen said...

Oooh, how intriguing! Hope you find out what was going on.

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