Thursday, August 24, 2006

People are Strange

Despite 31 and a half years on this planet, people’s behaviour still amazes me.

Yesterday, in Topshop, a Japanese (I think) lady presented the shop assistant with the price sticker for a pair of shoes. She was wearing the shoes. It took quite a while for the shop assistant to convey to her, that they need to scan the security code on the shoes and that the price sticker alone was not enough. It took a while. The shoes involved complicated ribbon ties which the lady had done up and it would seem tied in quadruple knots.

Now I understand that there was a language barrier, but surely shopping procedure is pretty much the same in Japan as here? And could her other shoes (flat ballet shoes, a lot nicer than the ones she was buying) really be that uncomfortable that she couldn’t bear to wear for another 5 minutes? Or perhaps she just loved the new ones so much that she couldn’t wait to wear them?


Suz said...

That is a bit random. I wouldn't even have the nerve to do that!

Jen said...

Me neither. I daren't even drink/eat something in the supermarket as I'm going round shopping.

Maybe it was a cultural thing?