Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good Morning, We're Under Attack

These were the words with which my oh so consideration OH woke me this morning. With scare-mongering like that, it is a wonder he never got a job at the BBC.

My first thought was that it was Hezbollah, finally having enough of our cosying up to Israel. I forgot that we were at war with terror still.

So we watched the television news and I don't think I reacted in the way I was supposed to. I didn't feel relief that the Government had saved us from this, but instead I thought how are we to know if there was really a plot? Is this just a convenient way to deflect attention from our part in the messes in Lebanon and Iraq?

I don't trust anything on the news anymore - the BBC is impotent after the Kelly affair and the constant threat of having its charter taken away if it doesn't toe the party line with the Government. And I don't trust the Government. This is a scary situation to be in. There will always be terrorists but if you can't trust your own Government, that is a much more frightening proposition.

Am I paranoid? Will writing things like this on the Internet, get me put on some sort of list? Fuck it, I think I may already be on a list anyway - I attended a couple of SWP meetings at Uni and my Amazon purchases of books by Mark Steele, Michael Moore and Che Guevara plus a few teach yourself Spanish books are bound to
must mark me out as some pinko with their sights on ruling a South American nation.

I might sound as if I'm being flippant about this. Its a defence mechanism. If I think I about these things seriously for too, I will panic.


Lucy In The Sky said...

I joined the SWP too once for about 3 weeks, until I found they all were fairly scary people.

SandDancer said...

I had trouble with the 'by any means necessary' thing - I'm quite keen on my revolution being a peaceful one.

I lived with someone who was a member so they often had meetings in our house. She was scary, but alot of the students in it were just frauds. There was one girl who claimed to be a hardened socialist who was buying clothes from charity shops then re-selling them at the uni market for over-inflated prices and she couldn't see that what she was doing was hypocritical & rather capitalist.

The anarchists were worse though!

Lucy In The Sky said...

You're right. They can be hypocritical and the 'by any means' necessary thing is in itself unnecessary.

I went to the May Day demo in Trafalgar Square in 2000. There was a bloke next to me in a balaclava with a knife. I was just there for the kicks, obviously. As soon as the riot police charged I got outta there.

Suz said...

I agree - it's hard to know what information to believe and what is scaremongering/put out there to help the government. Still, it's hard not to worry slightly - I have to friends who are supposed to be flying today, and I do worry about their safety.