Thursday, August 24, 2006


We returned to the pub quiz last night and our team was woeful (but still came third). I was particularly terrible.

These were the answers I got right:

Charles I
Liam Neeson

But what were the questions?


Lucy In The Sky said...

1) Who is your favourite evil person?
2) What's the name of the first king by the name of Charles?
3) Name the capital of England?
4) Name an Irish actor married to Natasha Richardson.
5) What's the opposite of false?

SandDancer said...

Good questions, but you're not right. There were marginally more difficult than that.

northern monkey said...

Ooo I like quizzes, was it:

Who did Boney M sing about in 1978?
Which king had a little yappy dog named after him?
Where is Big Ben?
Who is the voice of Aslan in film version Lion, Witch and Wardrobe?
Today is Wednesday? True or false

Tho with a couple of them I feel I may be insulting your (and your fellow pub quizzers) intelligence levels...

SandDancer said...

Not quite! The questions were:

Who claimed to be able to cure Alexis Ronamov of hemophilia

Who is the only English monarch to be found guilty of treason

Which was the first city to reach a population of 1 million

Who played Qui-Gon Jinn in the Phantom Menace

True or False, Steven Spielberg directed Columbo.