Sunday, August 20, 2006

V from the sofa

We spent last night watching V on television. We had beers and veggie burgers so it was just like going to a real festival (sort of).

The television coverage was frankly awful. The sound was terrible and there was constantly interference - vague noises of people talking - a bit like the start of 'Dark Side of the Moon', but unintentional.

Far too much coverage was given to Girls Aloud, who weren't really doing much other than bad dance routines that most girls grow out of doing by the age of 14.

Editors weren't particularly inspiring, until they were joined by some of We Are Scientist to do a cover of 'Orange Crush' which was excellent, although seemed to be lost on the crowd.

Beck was by far the best act I saw. A puppet version of the band came on first with the real band hidden for most of the opening song, 'Loser', which sounded great. The puppet band's likeness to the real band was amazing (I do love puppets though!).
They also had a 'dinner party' during one song where they created sounds on the drinks, but the effect was ruined by the poor sound quality of the broadcast. The OH thought they were in danger of being too pretentious, but I thought it was good that they had made some effort, rather than just turning up and churning out the standard festival set over and over again (like bloody Keane do). They also had some great bears that came on at the end.

I saw some of the Kasabian. They were pretty good, but I still don't think their frontman is quite there yet. His clothes seem to have improved a bit i.e. he doesn't look as if he's just come from work in an office and untucked his shirt, but he still lacks a certain swagger which I like my frontmen to have.

As usual I fell asleep, so saw nothing of Radiohead or Fat Boy Slim, although OH says they didn't show much of them probably because they don't have records to promote.


northern monkey said...

We spent yesterday doing exactly the same as you! We had a box of carling and a carrier bag of assorted sugary and savoury snacks from the coop to accompany our viewing. The E4 coverage was shite wasn't it - i'm sure from 6 till 8 they had their sound looped into some mini cab firm in bromsgrove... The radiohead were on for a disappointingly short time but with thankfully less crotch coverage than girls aloud and the 3 minutes of fatboy slim was completely bizarre and frankly hoping for better today if only for my old fave, morrissey

Scarlett said...

got to agree- just been watching girls aloud and their dance routine looks strangely similar to something I did with friends along to the spice girls back in year 7 (1996)!


Natalie said...

That's what we did too! Thought Kasabian were ace. I fancy the frontman. Too little Radiohead, as you say. We went to see Beck at Hammersmith last year and he did the dinner table business then, but no puppets sadly, because they were ace!