Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well done, the Shark

The highlight of my day (otherwise uneventful due to continued illness) was watching the cricket mascots race on television. My favourite, Sid the Shark from Sussex, won and did the Peter Crouch robot celebration. It was brilliant.
There is something about sports mascots that takes away my cynicism and fills me with unbridled joy.


Lucy In The Sky said...

Have you ever seen that footage of the two mascots having a proper punch up at that football match a couple of years ago? It was class.

SandDancer said...

Did that involve a Wolf and one of the three little pigs? Or there was another incident with the Swansea swan who I think was banned. Cricket mascots are a bit more genteel than the football ones.

Lucy In The Sky said...

I think it was the Swansea one. I can't remember exactly. It was about 3 seasons ago.