Saturday, August 19, 2006

The end of an era

In more ways than one.

Yesterday was the last day at work for the girl I sit opposite. Given the bizarre set-up at my work that people outside struggle to understand, she didn't actually work for the same organisation as me or anyone else in our building. But as she was the nearest person to me, she was the person I talked to most and we made each other drinks. I was very sad when she announced she was leaving, but I didn't think about it much until yesterday. When her boss was making the leaving speech, I could feel myself welling up and when it came for us to say goodbye (just before 11pm after far too many glasses of wine and canapes), we hugged and then I had to run off before I did cry.

She sent me a lovely text message today and I'm sure we will keep in touch but its never the same as seeing someone everyday. We've met her replacement who seems nice enough, but she doesn't drink tea or instant coffee, so we won't be bonding over beverages.

And then the other change.

I've been feeling unhappy with the voluntary work I do at an art gallery for some time now as previously mentioned. It isn't getting any more rewarding and I'm constantly exhausted. So today, I told my Co-Director that I wanted to leave. I was very worried about telling her, but had decided that it was only fair to discuss it with her first before telling the Trustees. She took it as well as could be expected - slightly worried about how she would cope, who they could get as a replacement etc, but she understood my reasons and had always been rather amazed that I managed to do this on top of a full time job. I've sent an email to the Trustees and awaiting their response. I'm going to stay until early October, to oversee the start of the next exhibition, which is one I've arranged and I may still do bits and pieces for them in the future, but without the huge committment and responsibility of being in charge.

I feel much better having made this decision. Ironically though I've had a very productive afternoon, but I think it is just that the end being in sight has made the work seem more bareable.

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Suz said...

I'm glad you feel you've made the right decision. If you go back and do bits and pieces, you'll probably be much more enthusiastic about it all, and therefore more productive, as you'll be without the stress you currently have.

Hope you get on well with the new person as well :-)