Monday, August 21, 2006

Frontroom Festival Review (continued)

I didn’t watch quite so much of V yesterday as Saturday, due to the cricket fiasco and Channel 4’s bizarre decision to leave the headliners coverage until 11.45 – i.e. after my bedtime.

But what I did see still managed to rile me.

Faithless – have they released anything in recently or are they still hawking the same tunes as about 10 years ago? Dance music for people who don’t like dance music and the whooping noises from the crowd got on my nerves too.

Starsailor - I actually liked these when they first came out and Turin Brakes too. Probably because they were just ripping off Jeff Buckley and Gram Parsons. But I soon learnt the error of my ways. Tellingly I saw one of them live but now have no recollection of which one it was.

Paul Weller – I loved the Jam and I even liked some Style Council and some of his solo stuff (well, Sunflower anyway), but he gets on my nerves now. He’s so po-faced and takes himself far too seriously all of the time. And what has he done to his hair – a sign of a mid-life crisis if ever there was one.

Lily Allen – saw about a minute of her, it was dreadful and I stand by my first thoughts that if she wasn’t the daughter of someone famous, nobody would care.

The Charlatans – they were once one of my favourite bands but I’ve lost interest in them now. The interview with them as painful – Tim Burgess really isn’t any good at talking! I only saw them doing ‘Tellin’ Stories’ which usually makes me cry, but left me unmoved this time.

I didn’t see any coverage of South, The Delays, Dub Pistols or Loose Canons who would have been on my ‘to see’ list (as well as Morrissey, of course).

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