Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Puttting the cross into Cross Central

As discussed previously, I love festivals, but it is getting increasingly difficult to get a group of people together to go to them. So this year, our only festival outing was going to be to Cross Central. At first the OH was reluctant to go, but then the magic words appeared on the bill 'Jagz Kooner'. OH loves Jagz Kooner, so as soon as I saw he was playing, I knew he would want to go. The rest of the bill looked a bit blah - it was the Sunday, which was very dancey, but still enough decent acts to splash out £20.

Anyway, I'd been looking forward to this for months - I'd even planned my outfit -this is always a mistake. And lo and behold, today I was looking at their website and they've had to get rid of a whole stage of acts due the stage being found to be unfit for performance! Jagz has been moved to the Saturday, Death in Vegas have gone altogether, leaving only Sasha, Mary Ann Hobbs and James Hyman that I've heard of and Sasha just isn't my thing at all.

So Lind is trying to see if we can swap for the Saturday. Refunds are being offered though due to the whole being a shambles. Hopefully we'll get it all sorted out, but what a hassle. I'm going to have to change my hair appointment and gallery shifts too. Perhaps, I should give up on this going out lark altogether.


Suz said...

That's so annoying! It's true - as soon as you paln an outfit, you're stuffed! It's the kiss of death or something. Stay in with a glass of wine and some good dvds instead. Plus, you'll save money as well! :-D

SandDancer said...

I stay in with a glass of wine and DVDs most weekends, but I don't seem to be saving money. Probably because I have a wardrobe full of unworn dresses! Anyway we are hopefully going to get refunds for the Sunday and buy tickets for the Saturday - they won't let us just swap them.

The outfit will not be wasted.