Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Ultimate Supergroup (pt 2)

Now for my choices:

Starting with the easiest part - the drummer. It may be a huge cliché but I think it has to be Keith Moon. He inspired a Muppet for goodness sake! He was also the best looking member of The Who by a mile so imagine how good this band is going to be if even the drummer is attractive!

I’ve already said I’m happy with Hendrix, but if I had to choose another, then it would be Johnny Marr. I’ve seen Morrissey live and he played a few Smiths songs, and whilst they were good, without Marr there was something missing. I’m no musician so struggle to describe how good he is, but even other guitarists struggle to explain his greatness. Noel Gallagher said it was Marr that first inspired him to learn guitar and then said words to the effect of ‘Johnny Marr – he’s so good, that even he isn’t that good’

Keyboard is difficult as I’ve struggled to think of many. Someone on the radio had suggested whoever is the keyboard player from Kraftwerk and whilst their influence on dance music cannot be denied, they’ve always left me cold so I’ll be leaving them out. As a reformed Doors-fan I’m not letting Ray Manzarek near the line-up either. So I think it would have to be Rob Collins, from the Charlatans, which I’ll admit is a hugely personal choice. The moog sound was an important element of their early songs, and I don’t think they were ever as good after he died. Kurt Cobain was supposed to be the voice of my generation, but I can remember just as clearly finding out that Rob Collins had died – I was in the brief period between finishing university and starting work, and somehow it felt like it marked the end of an era.

My group is definitely having a bass player, but I’m torn between Peter Hook and Mani. Hooky’s low-slung bass is iconic and being in New Order and Joy Division means he’s played on some of the best records, but then Mani’s been in The Stone Roses and Primal Scream. I think Mani might just edge it because a) Peter Hook looks too much like the OH’s dad, and b) I’ve met Mani a couple of times over the years and he is great bloke & can be relied upon to give a great interview.

The singer presents an even greater problem. As the line-up is so far all male, I did consider a female vocalist – Martha Reeves, Dusty Springfield,, Shara Nelson, even Dolly Parton – all have sublime voices, but I’m not sure they’d work with rest of the band. Grace Slick might work but she's gone down in my estimation since I'd found out she had rejoined the band when Jefferson Airplane mutated in Starship.

Other contenders: Frank Black (Pixies) but you’d need Kim Deal was well; Mick Jagger in his prime but I fear he’s sullied the image by not having the good grace to retire; Morrissey perhaps but then it would really just be The Smiths reformed.

I like my frontmen to have swagger, which rules out the wet-boys fronting most recent bands. Everything they’ve done since the first album has been unremarkable, but really I do think Liam Gallagher is a good frontman – he has that arrogance – unfortunately Oasis are the band of choice of a generation of louts so I'm not picking him. Before my brain melts entirely, I'm going to pick Arthur Lee (Love) - he had a distinctive voice and was a bit of a lunatic, not afraid of a bit of self-mythologising.

So there you have it (eventually). Who would you pick?


Anonymous said...

oooo great post(s)....

After much consideration (all afternoon when I should have been doing some work after reading your blog at lunchtime)and frantic discussion whilst the other half and I cooked dinner:

Drummer - NME once had an article saying Meg White (of white stripes fame) was one of the best drummers for what she didn't do rather than what she did, however I reckon that's rubbish. I'd have John Bonham of led zepp for iconic status and noise level although he is dead which hopefully doesn't prove an issue, if it does then I'll have Dave Grohl on standby, drumsticks at the ready. The other half talls me I am wrong and Lars Ulrich should be the supergroup drummer

Bass - I agree all good bands need bass for rhythym and I can't fault your choice of Johnny Marr but then I am biased as I am Smith obsessed.

Guitar - I like my rock guitarists - I have a bit of a thing for them - it is no accident my other half plays guitar.

So I like your Hendrix suggestion, I also considered Jimmy Page, Keith Richards and Dave Gilmour, but I'm aware I seem to be building a super group of the dead/people old enough to be my dad so I should probably choose a more recent guitarist. I'm obsessed with Tim Wheeler of Ash's biceps, but let's be honest, until fairly recently he couldn't actually play a guitar. Maybe Billy-Joe of Green day or Peter Buck of REM or Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction, but I'm not totally convinced on any of those and Dave Grohl is first reserve drummer, so it'll have to be Matt Bellamy of Muse who is in a different class to other current guitarists (and has great hair I long to touch and some gorgeous suits). The other half is disgusted I will not consider Izzy Stradlin...

Keyboard - Like you I struggled with a keyboardist. I'd considered Matt Bellamy but he's better on the guitar so I am going with Clint Boon of Inspiral carpets for much the same reasons as you describe with regard to the Charlatons

Singer - Like you I want a frontman with charisma, swagger and attitude - someone to swoon over who'll make my heart beat just a little bit faster. I quite like Cuomo Rivers of Weezer but I think that's a 'personal thing' but I'm not sure he's supergroup status. Robert Plant, Bryan Ferry, Mick Jagger etc etc were all considered and discarded. I'm going to go with Chris Cornell.

The other half tells me I'm wrong... It's a bit of a mix but they are all play multiple instruments so maybe it'll be like the cooper temple clause, where they could all swop after each song...

Roses said...

Ummm...for a front man, I'm afraid it would have to be David Bowie. Having been a rabid fan since I was 13 and have seen him live twice...I can honestly say he rocks! Seriously, his voice has become richer as he's aged, his showmanship is amazing and he'll never run out of material.

At the risk of dragging out all the old men, was it Nick Rhodes in Duran Duran who was the keyboardist? I know I can Google it, but I'm short on time this morning. But I love their 80s synth.

For a bassist...John Deacon. I know you don't like Queen, but he does lay down some brilliant base...especially in Invisible Man off their last album. And he's not a twat.

Drummers? Ummmm....another old geezer I'm afraid. The guy from Def Lepard. Yes, he's one armed, but I saw in an interview that his bandmates think he's a better drummer now, than he was before his accident. No, don't have time to Google him either. I know who I mean.

I've just realised I'm really old. I'm going to go watch Transformers with Boy and try and get jiggy with the kidz.

SandDancer said...

Thank you for your replies. I found myself leaning towards the old & dead a bit too.

NM - your selection is a little bit rockier than mine but your OH's answers are off the rock scale. The inclusion of Clint Boon made me laugh as well.

Roses - Good choice with Bowie - I did consider him myself too (there was a longer shortlist than the one I typed out). I've never seen him live but saw him on the television coverage of Glastonbury a few years back and he was brilliant. No comment on the Queen selection though.

mortcola said...

Funny how perceptions and common knowledge vary. Phil Collins not known for being a particularly good drummer?! Phil was best known as one of the flat-out best, most versatile, agile, creative, progressive drummers in rock - from Genesis to Clapton to Plant, to Brand X, Robert Fripp, Eno, John Martyn, Rafael Rudd...dramatic, grooving, with time you could tune an atomic clock to. Pared down his playing after the mid-80's, but was an influential monster before then. But Bonham, Keltner, Aronoff, Grohl, Appice, RINGO - all have special gifts for different occasions. David Gilmour on guitar - YES, unless you need speed and power; a smooth voice or a rough bark?; fancy fingers on bass like Enthwhistle, or solid like Deacon? Man, this could go on forever. Mix and AMatch supergroups.

Roses said...

A-hah! Someone else agrees with me about John Deacon.

I was right about Nick Rhodes. He was the keyboard player for Duran Duran. And the Def Lepard's one-armed drummer was Rick Allen.

Thank goodness for Wiki

Anonymous said...

'off the rock scale' - lol! this 'issue' is still rumbling round our house as the other half is unable to decide on his supergroup.

I'll tell you what the line up is, if he ever finishes it but I fear it may be too embarrassing - he was considering the bon jovi keyboardist as he's far more well known than that guy I chose...

*hangs head in shame*

SandDancer said...

Mortcola - Hello and thank you for your opinions. I knew my posts would provoke someone but it is all about opinions!

NM - Do let me know if the OH ever decides on his line-up.

Miss Forthright said...

I like your choices, SD.

I'd have Dave Grohl on drums, mainly cos I fancy him. James Dean Bradfield as frontman because I love his voice. I'd have Mani as my bassist too. I would say Jimi Hendrix on guitar but he'd steal the show, so I'll have Graham Coxon.

SandDancer said...

Miss F - I would have guessed that you would have Graham Coxon in there.

V*Kstro said...

i always thought this was i great post from day one (saw it the 1st day i visited your post)... have not had a chance to reply (i want it to be intense)... but i will come back... it has also inspired me to do the same on my blog... NM is SO correct about Meg!!!!!!!! i respect NME less for that, good choice on Dave Grohl!!! oh, and sandDancer, YOU BLEW ME AWAY ON BASS PLAYERS... but left out Carlos D.... to be continued...

SandDancer said...

v*kstro - thank you for your comments so far and I look forward to reading your full choices later. I took me a whole morning to think of mine.

Anonymous said...

well everyone here seems to be preferring there older generation musicians so im gonna mix it up a bit

first off drummer - taylor hawkins, think about it everyone wants dave grohl to drum for led zep if they tour again yet dave himself admits hes never seen anyone as good as hawkins behind the kit. solid choice.

guitarist - not a very difficult choice as john frusciante is on a different planet as far as style charisma and pure talent go, ok he's no hendrix or synester gates (lol) but he has evertything an ego, a past drug addiction not to mention claims to writing some of the greatest riffs of my generation, all in all hes an individual and would be the centre piece of the band (although some of his solo stuff is tedius, though most is genius) perfect choice.

bassist - who needs one! im a bassist and even il admit my band dont really need me! flea overcomplicates things and hes a twat so thats a no. il go for sid vicious the ultimate bass player, cant play but hes cool as f*ck!!! bad choice but mer...

frontman - hardest choice, cobain, grohl, bonham, lennon, daltry. i couldnt pick one so il throw the cat amongst the pigeons and say tom delonge..... you all hate me dont ya!