Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What would Dick Whittington say?

I'm feeling uneasy about Boris Johnson running for Mayor of London. I think he might win. I worry people will vote for him for the same reason they won't vote for Gordon Brown - because he is funny, a loveable buffoon. Or at least that is what his public persona is, known to most from his appearances on 'Have I Got News For You' more than any political standing. He must be intelligent underneath that haphazard exterior, but he hasn't shown much of it to the public.

I'm not a huge supporter of Ken Livingstone - he has his faults, but he is inextricably linked with London, his spent his life and work here and I don't doubt that he wants to do the best by our city. Boris is MP for Henley on Thames, a constituency that is far cry from the diversity of London, a job he plans to keep as well as being mayor. He has also failed to vote on a number of key London issues in parliament recently so hardly seems that interested in the city.

He might prove me wrong and have a number of wonderful policies to rid London of its problems, but I'm not convinced. And I think, once more, the cult of celebrity may prevail.


thoughts running through my head.... said...

I agree with you-the thing is London needs a personality and I think thats what voters go for,so he does have a good chance.I hate KL,he does what HE wants and sod London!Cant think who I'd like to vote for though??

SandDancer said...

A personality is definitely what it will take to get most people voting. Ken has a dreadful ego but that is the sort of person politics attracts mostly.

Maybe someone else will stand as well as an alternative.

Anonymous said...

I agree - we need more 'personalities' to engage with the masses and get them into politics and voting.

But for me a major concern is that Ken has been quitely empire building - the mayor's office (and it's lap dog the LDA) have been carefuly plotting to take control of most London services as well as all the money and budgets so any new mayor needs to have the capacity, initiative and interest to take these on and deliver the services London needs.