Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Ultimate Supergroup (pt 1)

This morning on the constantly awful Nick Campbell radio show on Radio 5 (why do we listen to this?), they had a feature on the ideal supergroup. I'm not sure who had conducted this survey or who they'd asked but the results were as follows:

  • Singer - Freddie Mercury

  • Guitar - Jimi Hendrix

  • Keyboards - Elton John

  • Drums - Phil Collins

With the exception of Hendrix, I'd rather gouge my eyes out than have to listen to that lot.

I hate Queen with a passion and am bewildered by their popularity. So far nobody has been able to explain their appeal to me satisfactorily. I've however heard some frankly ridiculous conspiracy theories from fans who refused to believe Mercury was homosexual and thought it was all lies spread to discredit him. Discredit him from what and how I don't really understand and it would suggest that a band called Queen attracts a surprisingly high number of homophobes.

Phil Collins I thought wasn't particularly famous for being a good drummer, just for being a drummer who became a singer (and after they treated Peter Gabriel appallingly).

Elton - I don't mind a couple of his old songs (Daniel, Rocket Man) but he's still wouldn't get in my dream team and hasn't done anything decent for decades.

Jimi, I've no problem with staying in the line-up, but I think it does him a disservice to just have him as a guitarist - he was more than just a brilliant guitarist, he was a great singer and frontman.

And why isn't there a bass player in this group? Unless the supergroup is being modelled on The White Stripes, I think a bass player is essential - the rhythm section is incomplete without one.

So having rubbished this selection, who would I have instead? This requires further thought and I'll be later with my answer.

(to be continued...)


M said...

Funny, I didn't care much for Queen when they were around, but now I like their stuff.

I have friends who tell me that years ago, they worked for American Airlines (and flew for free)...and one summer they spent every weekend flying from the U.S. to Europe, following Queen on tour. They'd board a flight Friday night, fly in, go to the concert and fly back before work on Monday.

For whatever reason, Queen seemed to have a lot of those types of fans -- more than dedicated...obsessed.

SandDancer said...

Yes, they did seem to attract the obsessives - I knew a man who didn't speak to anyone for about a week after Mercury died, he was so stricken with grief!