Thursday, July 05, 2007


If I was to be one of the Seven Dwarves today, it would definitely be Sleepy. An impromptu night down the pub with an old friend last night did not make for a good night’s sleep and keeping awake today has been a struggle. However, my Dwarf, on most other days would definitely be Sneezy.

I have an allergy to something and am constantly sneezing. I haven’t actually taken steps to find out what it is I’m allergic to yet or bought any medicine (its so expensive!) but I must soon as it really is getting ridiculous. My sneezes are pretty strong for a pretty small woman and today, one was so powerful it moved my seat forward a couple of inches.

The thing is I used to quite like sneezing, when it was a rare occurrence (is that very odd?). I found it quite thrilling in a small way. But now I sneeze about every ten minutes, I’m less keen on it and frankly bored with it.

I don’t think it is just regular pollen hayfever as I have it in the winter too. It happens more in London than anywhere else and has just come about in the last couple of years, worsening this year. It might be dust, but I’m thinking it might be something more exotic.

I’m hoping its an allergy to paper.

Admittedly I’d have to give up reading books and my beloved Sunday supplements, but it would be useful for work, if suddenly I had to be excused from certain tasks because of all of the paper involved. Its not that I’m lazy, but ours is quite somewhere off being a paperless office and I regularly have the contents of a small forest on my desk. So many bits of paper - its a terrible waste of trees so I'm thinking my allergy might hasten our move to a more digital age.


Anonymous said...

I have this weird sneezing thing too. I have hay fever but since I came to london its been so much worse and seems to last msot of the year.

My dr reckons is pollution allergy particularly when the air doesn't clear (when it's humid or cloudy).

My sneezes are not so much violent but multiple sneezes - one I get going I can sneeze up to 10 or 12 times in one go. In the midst of it I always fear I may never stop like a girl I saw on record breakers as a child who snnezed for years

Girl*Next*Door said...

Oh don't talk to me about hayfever! I have it & for some reason this year has been bad for me, I'm sneezing loads, my eyes are puffy & watery to the point of not being able to wear makeup some days & I'm getting through eye gel by the bucketload. I sound all blocked up too, it's ridiculous. Hope you feel better soon Sanddancer :o)

SandDancer said...

Its not been so bad today (yet!).

NM - that would be awful if it didn't stop - I'm sure there was someone who killed themselves after having the hiccups for seven year, although it might be an urban legend.

Roses said...

My hayfever has been appalling over the last few sexy being a woman of mucus and goo. But drugs prevail and I'm less gooey.