Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some Questions

  • Why was the little girl kidnapped in Nigeria not given the same press coverage as Madelaine McCann? Could it be because she wasn't white?
  • If you go to a wedding whilst unmarried but in a long-term relationship, you will spend all day fending off questions about when you will get married/why you aren't already married. Why don't people mind their own business?
  • Isn't Jamie Murray so much nicer than his brother?
  • I don't like heavy metal/rock but really enjoyed watching Metallica at Live Earth on the internet. Why is that?
  • My window box flowers are looking sickly. Is it because they've had too much rain or is it because I didn't water them at the weekend?


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

-It just goes to show how utterly pathetic the whole Madelaine situation is. I cannot believe it is still all over the press.
-I HATE it when people ask things like this, or if you're single you have to put up with people asking why you havent got a boyf, or when will you be getting one blah blah blah
-Dont actually know who he is
-I missed all of LE so cannot comment on whether I liked Metallica's performance
-I would think possibly too much rain my be the cause?

M said...

On the sickly flowers -- maybe it was the Metallica session. :)

Roses said...

I'd poke the compost of the window boxes, if it's sopping too much water, crumbly too little. Failing that some fertiliser of some description may help.

I am always suspicious when couples who've co-habited forever quite happily, suddenly announce they're getting married.

I think, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Didn't see Metallica.

Nigerian child's parents aren't an emminent surgeon (who probably gets paid a heck of a load of money. I share your cynicism.

SandDancer said...

Thank you for your answers! Regarding the plants, I've decided it actually be to do with the way the flowers are growing - now they are all growing upwards and outwards (quite a few trailing species in there), there is more space between them, so they don't look quite as bushy as before.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

mmm,I loved Metallica too on LE-I never would have thought I'd be into them,but they were brilliant!!!
Agreed with the MMcC story-its all so manipulated!
Window boxes-mine are half dead cos I keep forgetting to water them-I have Buxus in mine which dies so quickly-I have killed so many of them now.

SandDancer said...

At last, someone else who will admit to having enjoyed Metallica! I have, of course, since returned to listening to my usual wet indie or 60s pop though.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

mm,I havent made any effort to listen to them other than that,but I liked them so i might do!!I have weird taste in music though.......