Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Love-Hate: The Shield

We don’t watch much television in our house. I don’t mean that in a bohemian ‘we don’t own a television, we’d rather sit around the piano’ kind of way. What I mean is that we don’t just mindlessly watch television all evening regardless of what is on and I don’t remember the last time I watch something on ITV (I’ve considered uninstalling it).

But what we do is get obsessed with a certain programme and watch whole series of it on DVD. It probably started with the Sopranos, but to date has taken in The Wire, 24 (just Seasons 1 & 2), Law & Order (in all its forms), Homocide Life on the Streets, Spaced, some West Wing, Black Books, The Mighty Boosh, Waking the Dead and Prison Break.

It has also involved watching the first three series of The Shield. This wasn’t by choice – the OH loaned The Wire to someone at his work who in turn gave us The Shield. Hardly a fair swap, but we watch it anyway.

The Shield, make no mistake, is dreadful. Especially after the intricate plots, sharp dialogue and general believability of The Sopranos and The Wire, it is pretty puerile stuff. But, it is addictive (like many things that are bad for you – like smack and Haribos as Pete Docherty will tell you). Yes, the main character looks like a baked bean , a very angry baked bean wearing a too-tight t-shirt, the plot is full of holes, the dialogue usually laughable, but I’ve found myself wanting more of it, if only because we’ve ran out of other things to watch.

So today, I bought Season 4 on DVD. I had considered buying a stack of arthouse films to hide it amongst to save my shame at the checkout but in the end just made sure there was nobody else in the queue when I bought it. But now I'm looking forward to getting home, curling up on our cosy sofa and shouting at the television about how rubbish The Shield is, what a dreadful actor Michael Chiklis and how unbelieveable the latest plot turn is.


Anonymous said...

I go through phases of being into tv - of late I find myself watching more stuff - I think it's the weather - my recent and shockign discovery is medium on sunday nights - tripe but addictive tripe

SandDancer said...

Is Medium the one that is made by the same people who make Monk? I think I've seen it advertised - it looks like the sort of thing I'd like.

M said...

There are so many of these shows on, I can't keep them straight and don't even want to. I've never seen one minute of Law & Order, ER or CSI: Anywhere, despite the hundreds of years they've been on the air.

I have friends who are constantly trying to get me to watch '24', and I'm sure it's an excellent show, but I just can't sit and watch TV for long. It makes me crazy.

SandDancer said...

I am addicted to Detective programmes but strangely just can not watch medical dramas as I find them too upsetting. 24 was great for the first series but then it just became too outlandish.

Anyway, we watch two episodes of the Shield last night and it was dreadful.

Girl*Next*Door said...

It's my guilty pleasure.... I quite like it, lol.

SandDancer said...

GND - glad you've admitted it - I thought I couldn't be the only person who watches it.