Monday, March 26, 2007

Watches to Go

If you are ever in central London with a broken watch, I urge to go to 'Watches to Go', the little watch repair booth in Piccadilly Circus tube station. The man who runs it is a real gem - a character and a genius with watch repairs.

I dropped my watch on the hard floor at the new place which broke the strap off, so I took it along to him at lunchtime. It cost £1 to have it fixed, but I only had a £10 note, so he let me off with it, saying with a wink 'Drop it by the next time you are passing'. But this wasn't an isolated incident. The last time I was having a battery replaced, the man in front of me was telling him he was unemployed and he told him to come back & pay him when he'd found a new job! My friend who put me onto him in the first place was let off the price of a new watch strap because her request for a non-leather one because she was vegetarian made him laugh so much!

I wonder that watch repairers might be a dying breed as everything in society becomes increasingly more disposible. It would be a shame as its a skill and he is great.

(I know also a good cobbler in the North East of Enland, if you ever lose your heel in South Tyneside)

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