Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fantasy Dinner Party

I've been mulling this one over since Miss Forthright posted about it a few days ago. I still can't decide who I would invite,so I asked the OH who he would invite - 5 people, living or dead. His response was thus:

Susanna Hoffs- lead singer from The Bangles. He said this without hesitation. He's always had a thing for her and apparently as a teenager did consider saving himself for her.

Steve Nash - his favourite Basketball player.

There was a bit of deliberation before he decided on the rest of the guests.

Guy Fawkes - OH 'He tried to blow up Parliament'.
Me 'He might not have done. He was possibly just fitted up for it' (we did a lot about this in History at school for some reason).
OH: (slightly annoyed at me questioning his choice) 'Well, he's got a day named after him. Not many other people can say that. He's coming.'
Me: 'Better not have any candles though just in case.'

It gets tricky now.

OH: 'The other two guests really should be women, so we can sit boy, girl, boy, girl. I like it when they do that.
(This was news to me - we've never been to a dinner party together, and can't imagine he'd been to one previously).
Big pause while he tries to think of some other women.

His next choice..

Jack Nicholson - 'He'd be good value. Yeah, Big Jack'

He considers inviting Bob Dylan but decides he's too unreliable,, probably wouldn't turn up but would ring with a lie about why he couldn't intend and leave him feeling crap (he's getting quite into the whole idea, taking it very seriously, but the boy-girl idea has now obviously been abandoned)

Then quite quickly, he picks his final guest.

Ian Botham - the cricketer.

But he is still going.

OH 'I would Larry David to come, but only if he really really wanted to come. I wouldn't want to force him otherwise it might get awkward.

I briefly mention who I might invite and he's off again

OH 'I'd definitely invite Mark Steele. (political comedian)
Me: 'You've got your 5 guests already. You can't invite anymore'
OH: (looking a bit hurt) 'But I'm a popular guy. If these people want to come, its not my fault.


Miss Forthright said...


SandDancer said...

I laughed too but I had drank two glasses of wine by this stage.

I'm still thinking about who to invite to my fantasy dinner party - once I've decided I'll post it.

M said...

I will do the same on my site, but I need to give it some ample thought, especially if it's anyone living or dead....that's a lot of people to choose from. Would be easier with two separate lists - dead guys and live ones, so I may have to go that route.

SandDancer said...

It is a lot of people - but somehow having a list of dead people sounds a bit grim.

The OH also tried to slip in someone fictional but I stopped him as that was just opening it up to far too many options.

M said...

With dead guests, the food served doesn't matter so much. :)