Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I love John Simm (and couldn't think of a cleverer title)

In between house-stuff, to relax on an evening (or as near to relaxing as I ever get before I inevitably fall asleep), we have been watching the first series of Life on Mars. Somewhat behind the rest of the country I know. I'm not sure why we didn't watch it when it was on the television as we usually watch anything with John Simm in and it is a detective programme which is usually enough justification for me.

The programme itself I must say is rather silly. The introduction is particuarly had to watch without laughing 'I'm Sam Tyler, I've had an accident and woke up in 1973. Am I in a coma? etc' - it hardly has the tension of Jack Bauer's 'This is the longest day of my life' intro. But it is easy watching which is essential at the moment when I really don't want to have to concentrate too hard on anything.

But really I'm watching it for John Simm. I've always liked him (the actor for my generation in Boston Kickout, Human Traffic, 24 Hour Party People, State of Play), but I didn't realise quite how attractive I find him until watching Life on Mars. He isn't particuarly good looking , rather ordinary but I find him ridiculously sexy. It might be the clothes - whilst the others are wearing garish worst of the 70s stuff, his clothes are very cool. Its taken alot of self control not to make small yelping noise of adoration as we watch.

So I've got a bit of a crush on an actor - I feel a bit old for such things but that is pretty much what fuels Hollywood. But this morning, I may have gone too far - I've booked tickets to see him in a play! I can justify this - I work in the theatre industry, I really should go to the theatre more often, its on our way home, the OH likes him as an actor too, I haven't just booked a ticket for myself. But shamefully, I've done this before. When Gael Garcia Bernal was in Blood Wedding a few years ago - the OH actually insisted on coming with me to that one, as he was worried I might leap on stage and accost the young Mexican boy (I used the same justifications then with addition of being interested in the works of Lorca/anything to do with the Spanish Civil War).

On top this, I'm worried I'm becoming the sort of person who is killing proper theatre by only going to see things with Hollywood stars or 'people off the telly' in. But at least I'm going to see plays, rather than just the big musicals, which is the bigger problem in London at the moment where the blockbuster musicals are making it very difficult for plays. 'Underneath the Lintel' has had its run cut which we were hoping to see (mainly because it had someone from the West Wing in!)


M said...

Oh SandDancer, a crush on an actor? Quite shameful, indeed. I would never do that myself. :)

(And if you've spent more than 10 seconds on my blog, you know I'm completely obsessed with Daniel Craig....and I'm older than you.)

It's actually sort of fun to have a teenage-girl-type crush on someone unattainable at my age. I almost forgot what that was like! Embrace it, enjoy it. I think it keeps us young!

By the way, had DC been in a play when I was in London, I would have gone and seen it two or three times in a row. LOL As it were, he wasn't, and my friends wanted to see musicals (sorry). Next time, I plan to go see plays instead, also my preference.

SandDancer said...

Yes, I'm well aware of your crush on DC! Its quite hard to miss on your blog.

I understand completely why people go to musicals when visiting London though - alot of plays (my choice of them anyway) can be a bit serious for a holiday activity. I see you went to Mamma Mia at the Prince of Wales on your trip which is worth it for the theatre alone - millions have been spent doing it up - most of the other theatres are quite shabby in comparison.

M said...

My travel partners wanted to see both 'Mama Mia' and 'We Will Rock You', and we were open to that, so we agreed. I did enjoy the music but the stories are a little light in the loafers. Would prefer something a little more serious or with a bit more acting skill, perhaps. But you do get that "feel good" ending out of both of them, which is great.

The Prince of Wales theatre was really neat. We actually could have seen both of those musicals here in the States in several places (NYC, Las Vegas, etc.), but I was jazzed about seeing them in the old theatres in London. Made it a bit more special.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are in love with John Simm. The man is quite wonderful. How did you enjoy Elling?

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