Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A small wobble

I'm now feeling a little bit uneasy about our move. I'm very worried I won't like the flat when I see it again. Although we saw it twice and had a good look around, it was 5 months ago now and I'm struggling to remember what it looks like. I know I really liked it at the time, but I have that nagging doubt.

We still have too many belongings. My savings account is looking rather pitful.

I'm moving out of my comfort zone of the five block area that I've lived in the whole time I've been in London (except the 6 weeks in hell/Neasdon - see below). I won't know the newsagents and shop owners, and I'll have to swim in a different pool.

I think this panic has started to set in because for the last few weeks, I've been madly busy sorting out legal stuff, then I started on the practical things (removals, utility companies etc) but I've not had so much to do for the last couple of days which has given me room to worry. I've learnt from this whole process that I need to be kept occupied and have little details to worry about - it stops me from worrying about the big things, the uncontrollable things, the abstract.

Hopefully, once we are in, I can happily 'worry' about paint colours, washing machine deliveries and broadband connections and that will push away the big question mark.


Miss Forthright said...

If you liked it enough to put an investment into it, then relax, you'll be happy to see it again. Remember also that even if your whole life went belly up (which it won't), it's just bricks and mortar and you'll get your money back.

SandDancer said...

Well, we wouldn't get all our money back as it the legal fees, stamp duty, surveys etc adds up to thousands. And I only liked it in comparison to the other things available in our price range.

It won't be featuring in any ideal home magazines anytime soon!

Roses said...

Moving is scary. No two ways about it. You're moving out of your area and a place you know well, into the unknown...

A couple things to take into account:

1. You rock. You are a fab woman with a big dose of intelligence and social skills. You'll adjust to your new area with little difficulty.

2. You have your OH. It's not like you're starting school all by your lonesome. It'll be fine. Honest.

Miss Forthright said...

What I meant was that even if you sold it a year down the line, you would still have made a profit, hence getting your money back.

SandDancer said...

Roses - I'm not sure I do 'rock' but thank you! Actually I think the area will probably be better as it does seem to have more of a community feel than where we live now.

It is probably the financial side of things that I am most worried about. I'm not even that concerned about making a profit from it - I'm just very scared of making a loss as prices continuing to rise isn't guaranteed.