Friday, November 03, 2006

Three Cheers for the Cold Snap

Is it wrong for me to be enjoying this cold spell?

Not that it ever gets that cold in London, not like New York or even Newcastle for that matter, but it is certainly feeling more wintery now.

So here's a few things I like about the cold weather:

1. Soup - I love it, I could quite happily have it for every meal every day.
2. Boots - my favourite footwear
3. Tights - I know they are deeply unsexy, but I've always loved a thick pair of tights - my legs look a million times better in them.
4. Staying in - gone is the pressure to be out doing something, 'making the most of the weather' that you have in summer. Plenty of nights in, under a duvet, watching DVDs.

Apparently its not going to last and we'll be back up to a balmy 15 degrees next week.


Sam B said...

Thick tights - making it possible for ladies everywhere to wear a short skirt without fear of:

a - blinding people with their milk bottle whiteness

b - scaring people away with their wobbly legs!!

Tis freezing "oop Norf" tho SandDancer - have had my heating on all day for the past week - brrrrrrr!

SandDancer said...

I can imagine it is cold up north - I'll be spending Christmas near Newcastle and its always freezing there - even in the summer.

Jen said...

I love cold weather. Crisp cold weather is the best imho.

So no, not wrong at all to be enojying it! ;)