Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shaken, not Stirred

I went to the Bond Premiere last night. It was actually a bit of a con (not that I can really complain as it was free) as it was being shown at three screens in Leicester Square at the same time, so we weren’t actually in the main cinema with the stars & the Queen. We still got to walk down a red carpet though and it was pretty grand. And I got to wear my green dress again (emerald green satin, thin straps, beaded chiffon scarf tying to form a halterneck, fishtail back).

So the film itself then. Daniel Craig is ok – convincing as a cold blooded killer, less convincing as a romantic lead, but then the whole romance plot was a bit dubious. The plot didn’t really hold up to close examination. There were some witty bits about the martini.

The baddie has a nasty tick where his eye bleeds when he is nervous. This made me feel rather sick. He was taking part in a card game where the buy-in as a million dollars and yet nobody objected to him weeping blood at the table. Surely he could have got some drops for it?

The film was rather long, even worse if you’d already been waiting near two hours for the Queen. Rather tellingly, a women had a funny turn about 30 minutes from the end and the call went up of ‘Is there a doctor in the house’ which was then followed by lots of standing up, sitting down and general confusion (the woman never actually left the auditorium so it couldn’t have been that serious) – most people seemed much more interested in watching this little drama unfold than the action on the big screen.

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