Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Opening of an Envelope

I’m continuing to do well on the something for nothing front. Yesterday, was a free lunch, a few glasses of champagne followed by a few glasses of wine – admittedly this was in return for a hard days work and a load of stress.

Tonight, we are going to see Avenue Q which bizarrely the OH got free tickets to – a bit strange considering I’m the one who works in the industry. I’m not convinced he’ll enjoy it as he really doesn’t like musicals. I’ve already seen it – I’m not normally one for seeing things more than once, even if I loved it, but the tickets were free and if its free, I will go the opening the envelope.

Tuesday night however looks like being the best freebie for sometime.

I’m going to the premiere of the new Bond film.!!!

To be honest I’m not a recent huge fan of Bond films - I don’t think I’ve seen anything more recent than a Roger Moore one (the books are another matter entirely – I think I’ve probably read all them -I had to read one as part of a popular culture course and got a bit addicted to them – they are horribly racist and sexist, but very readable). I’m mainly interested in going for the glamour – despite being resoundingly unglamorous myself, I am a sucker for glamour. And of course, its free. My savings are coming along quite nicely with all this ligging, although I may have to buy a new pair of shoes for the occasion, which does ruin this theory somewhat.

I must not, I repeat, must not buy a new dress though.


Jen said...

Ooh how exciting for you SandDancer!

Hope you have fun :-)

Jen x

Miss Forthright said...

The name's Sanddancer....

Ooh have fun. Tell me if Daniel Craig is fit in real life as I don't think he in screen.

SandDancer said...

He's really not my type - I prefer dark haired men (and Bonds)