Monday, November 13, 2006

Morning Glory

I've recently realised that my morning routine really doesn't give me the best start to the day. Its not so much that I'm not a morning person - I always actually have to get up quite early to give myself plenty of time to have a cup of tea etc, rather than rushing about. But its what I do with that time that is the problem.

The OH normally puts Radio 5 first up. Nicky Campbell annoys me so much - his style varies from being inappropriately combative or just sounding bored - he managed to do both in an interview the other week with parents whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver. If he doesn't manage to irritate me, then chances are a news story will - this morning the story that some prisoners are suing the Prison Service for making them go cold turkey, which they claim infringed on their human rights. Last time I checked drugs were illegal so really can't see what they are complaining about, unless of course, the BBC missed out some key facts. Either way, it annoyed me.

At 8 o'clock, we switch to XFM, so I can listen to the 8 o'clock shuffle - three songs choosen by listeners (i.e. not the playlist, so a slim chance of hearing something decent). But recently they've been a dreadful selection and yet Lauren Laverne enthuses over them no matter what. I used to like her, but have decided she shrieks a bit much for that time of day.

Then I struggle to find something to wear, usually trying on half my wardrobe. Obviously next comes the tube journey which is never much fun, where I read the Metro, which again usually manages to annoy me with its poor standard of journalism.

No wonder I arrive at work in a bad mood.

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Miss Forthright said...

The Metro is designed to be read in 20 minutes. Hence it's absolute shite.