Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One Track Mind

I have very little to write about as the flat-buying is occupying all my waking thoughts. Its actually even occupying a lot of my dreams too. So far, I've had the following dreams:

- We were buying a house off Bobby Gillespie
- We had bought a house (which was actually my Gran's real house) and were having it valued by an Estate Agent
- The couple were are buying the flat off were being very fussy about buying their next property which was holding things up and then they were exposed as being robots!

Hopefully soon things will return to normal and I'll have something else to write about.


Natalie said...

Robots, eh?
We're all consumed by flat buying too. Spent last night discussing crockery and dining tables. Dark shit.

SandDancer said...

Crockery and dining tables are the fun part though. I can't wait to start on the interior design and furniture part but don't want to get too involved in that until I have the keys in my hand, in case I jinx it. We have lots of stuff already anyway as we've been living together for a while - we really only need a sofa.

The survey was being done today!!!!!

Natalie said...

Oooh how did it go? Is it a one bed place?

I'm really pleased for you :o)

SandDancer said...

We don't know the results of it yet - it can take a couple of weeks apparently.

Its a 2 bed place - not much point in buying a 1 bed place really at our age.

Miss Forthright said...

Oh thats even better!

Its me, Natalie by the way. I got a new blog.

SandDancer said...

Good to have you back blogging.