Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fear of the Multiplex

After three weeks of dithering and change of plans and general, we eventually got our collective arse in gear and went to see 'The Departed' at the cinema last night. The OH really wanted to see it, I had free cinema vouchers. So far, so good. Except it involved going to the local multiplex.

I hate multiplexes.

I love going to see films at the cinema - as mentioned before I get very excited by the Pearl & Dean music, but I hate the multiplex. Everything about it. The food - why can't you buy anything there that isn't really bad for you? Why must it all be processed, sugary, neon and served by the bucketful? The limted choice of films - Borat was showing on about six screens, yesterday.

But mostly I hate the people there - its like a sci-fi vision of a distopian future. This might be limited to our local one, but there always seems to be an undercurrent of violence there. Numerous cars with blacked-out (bulletproof?) windows drove passed us. We witnessed two very heated arguments at the popcorn counter last night, one of which seemed to be escalating into a fight as we went into our film. People seemed incapable of sitting still and quiet in their seats for the duration of the film (yes, it was long, but really as an adult you should be able to concentrate for more than 10 minutes).

We are never going there again. I will stick with my independent cinemas or wait for stuff to come out on DVD in future.

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