Monday, July 28, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

Walthamstow Dog Track to be precise.

I’d never been to a dog track before, the OH is from Walthamstow and it is closing down soon. So when a group of friends said they were going on Saturday night, I was rather enthusiastic about it.

Sadly, I was disappointed.

It was far too crowded and it was very hot, so moving about was a huge effort. People looked like they were melting in the heat.

I had hoped to visit the information stall about adopting retired greyhounds (wishful thinking) but I didn’t get anywhere near it due to the congestion.

I only bet on one race and lost.

The best bit thing there was the sign outside of the stadium, but annoyingly I didn’t bring my camera.


Mellifluous Dark said...

We nearly used the same headline! Try Wimbledon – it was air conditioned, I think (well, I wasn't aware of the heat, so it must have been..?)

Mellifluous Dark said...

I meant to say – I nearly used that headline... (excuse me, it's the heat...)

cogidubnus said...

I always thought a minor flutter of a quid a race, plus three or four drinks for the evening, made a reasonably cheap, pleasant and sociable night out...mind you, Hove dogs was always a good deal less crowded than Walthamstow...

SandDancer said...

Because it is closing it is apparently now much busier than usual which made it uncomfortable. Had I been able to move around easily, it would have been better and there was definitely no air condiitioning there. It was a reasonably cheap though.