Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Rain

Without presuming to put myself at the centre of the universe, I think I have the ability to bring on droughts.

Since I started the outdoor swimming, I've really wanted to swim in the rain. The summer weather has been changeable. There have been frequent outbreaks of rain and some absolute downpours.

And yet whenever I go swimming, it never rains. I have been swimming outdoors 23 times and not one drop of rain has fallen during those times.

I have even walked there in the rain, only for it stop once I reach the pool, then resume again when I'm returning to the office.

As superhero powers go, the "ability to stop rain by swimming" is pretty lame.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind going swimming at around 7pm on Friday please as I am going to a picnic and I'd like it to be dry.

Thank you :)

SandDancer said...

I think it only works within a square mile of the swimming pool. So if you picnicking in central London, I can try, but otherwise it won't help. As I said, it isn't a very good power to have.