Monday, July 21, 2008

Dungeons and Depravity

Apart from associations with the-Ex who was living there when we split up and as far as I know, is still there now, York conjured up images of cobbled streets and tea shops, a refined, gentile place. This York was no where to be seen at the weekend. The York of this weekend was one of glittery 80s clubs, low quality champagne, Wetherspoon's pubs and feather boas that shed feathers at an alarming rate.

And a strip-a-gram who looked like Gavin Hensen made into a cube shape.

It was a lowest common denominator, cliche of an event. It wasn't my cup of tea and to commensate I took refuge in way too much of the cheap champagne because drinking is something I've had a certain amount of experience of, whilst standing on tables, showing my underwear was (and still is) outside of my realm of experience.

The one genuine (good clean fun as opposed to seedy fun?) part of the weekend was the visit to York Dungeon. We'd arranged to be the last tour in and have (yet more) champagne served to us in there. I'm not normally scared by this sort of thing, but even I was jumpy with nerves half way through it.

I love my friend and some of the other girls were great, but it did remind me why I'm more often, happier living in London than I would be in the North.

Still at least, I didn't bump into the-Ex.


Mellifluous Dark said...

Ah, but at least there was champagne, and now you are back in lovely, super London (you know how biased I am!), so things are not so bad.

Funny that they serve champagne at the dungeon, methinks. That must have been an unexpected treat (unlike the cuboid Hensenoid)...

SandDancer said...

We had arranged for the champagne in the dungeon, so it wasn't unexpected, but it was very nice of them to allow us to do it.

The stripper was the least sexy thing I've ever seen in my life - not that I expected it to be seductive, but I was shocked at how mechanical it all was. I was glad I wasn't the bride-to-be.

fred said...

Honey, clearly you've matured faster than they have and as a result, year on year, you're better than them ... this is sad in some respects, (you weren't seeking it), but inevitable...

Better = aggressive language, but so what, thirty years or so further on, I know exactly what I mean, and you are!

SandDancer said...

Fred - nice of your to say but I'm not particularly mature. Just more reserved.