Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hen Dos and Don'ts

Hello. Apologies for the silence. I've been preoccupied with something and didn't feel like talking, even to myself on the internet, but I'm coaxing myself out of it and thought I'd post the overdue hen report. Actually there isn't really much to report, but I should write something.

The T-Shirt
At 6am in Newcastle airport, wearing a t-shirt printed with the slogan "Hen Do" was actually pretty subtle. There were girls in tutus, a large party dressed in what I hope was meant to be bad taste and several stags in silly garb. We also had to wear it for our "big" night out on the Saturday. Again, it was pretty tasteful compared with the hens in bondage, the stags as superheros and the cowgirls.

The Accommodation
It really wasn't as bad as my sister had feared, except (and this is probably a pretty big except) there was an overwhelming smell in the corridors that I can only describe as chemical fish. We never quite managed to work out what it was or where it was coming from, except it wasn't so bad on the day that the cleaners didn't come round, so we thought they might be using some fish-based detergent.

The Pool
Before I went I was on an excercising binge and it continued well into the first day of the trip when I swam loads and tried to start an aqua aerobics class in the pool. My plans to get up early for morning swim were scuppered not by too much alcohol, but by the policy of locking the gates to the pool until 10am.

There really wasn't any scandal or gossip. There weren't any fallings out although by the time I came home I was looking forward to some time to myself. I'm off on another one this weekend though, this time to York.


Mellifluous Dark said...

Good to see you back! I hope you are OK, Sandy One.

Your hen trip sounds like it went really well – relaxing and without mishap – just as it should be. But the chemical fish smell – how odd...

Where's that piccy taken?

SandDancer said...

Thanks. It wasn't actually that relaxing as there was too much travelling but it certainly wasn't raucous.

The picture was taken in the grounds of our resort.

Roses said...

Chemical fish smell...ewwww!

Hope you have a great time in York and have a chance to recharge your batteries.


Mellifluous Dark said...

Well, it's good to see you back. You sound a wee bit down...? I hope things perk up for you.

cogidubnus said...

Welcome home...found a Wilson, Keppel and Betty clip on YouTube the other night...and thought of you! Sad eh?

Hotter Than... said...

Nice to see you back.

Chuckled at the chemical fish - very ... evocative!

Glad there were no squabbles and fights, although I'm sorry it wasn't as relaxig as you'd hoped.

Enjoy York. (I originally read it as New York and thought "Blimey she's gadding about a fair bit". Then realised my mistake)

SandDancer said...

I wish it had been New York! Sadly my batteries have been completely run down by this weekend's do (see above for details)