Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me.

32 today.

I'm was trying to think of a positive upbeat post to write about my achievements and high points in my life so far. But I've had an exhausting day and I can't actually think of anything at all - I'm struggling to even remember my name at the moment, let alone anything else.

The day began with a call to the solicitor to talk about the further problems relating to the flat-buying. I think I used up my daily allowance of brain power on this - I am learning an awful lot about conveyancing though. Although the problems are going to take a while to sort out, it should be ok, which is a relief since all my family gave me John Lewis vouchers.

I've had a frantic day at work but still managed to fit in buying cake for the office (a strange tradition this - surely as its my birthday, someone should buy cake for me?). I think I bought too much though. I also bought a dress to wear for my birthday 'do' tomorrow, which I shouldn't have really.

I also treated myself to a salad for lunch and realised that this is probably a strange thing to do, but I do genuinely love salad. That much I've learnt in my 32 years on this planet - anything more than that I'm not too sure about at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your do tomorrow..and it's your birthday so feel free to treat yourself to a dress...or salad...

M said...

It's important to be introspective and challenge yourself as to your own self-worth. Keeps it all in check.

BUT -- take your day and celebrate it. You deserve it. Not everyone makes it to 32...some make stupid decisions along the way that don't allow themselves to even get there.

So STOP the overthinking for a day. Celebrate the moment. Do what you want to do, with no logic behind it. Find some joy and revel in it. Dance like nobody's watching. It's your day! Own it!

Roses said...

Happy Birthday (for yesterday)
Happy Birthday (for yesterday)
Happy Birthday deeeaaarrr Sand-dancer!

Roses said...
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Sam said...

Belated Happy Returns me dear! hope you had a good one!

(whats with that office/birthday/cake thing anyhoo? - we do that too!)

catslife said...

Belated happy Birthday Sanddancer!

Hope you had a good one.

My office does that cake buying rule too. Exists also for returning form holiday sweets. I don't get it.

Miss Forthright said...

Happy birthday!

SandDancer said...

Thank you everyone. I had a good day but I don't think birthdays are ever so good once you get older than about 10.