Saturday, February 24, 2007

My own Britney moment

No, I didn't go out without any underwear or marry/divorce a white-trash wannabe rapper.

Last weekend, I had a bad haircut.

I hadn't mentioned it before now as it seemed churlish - its hardly the end of the world, it will grow back, at least I still have my health etc. But I've just re-examined it and it is awful.

Unlike Britney's, mine wasn't self-inflicted, but caused by Arta (of Yugoslavic origin) as opposed to my usual hairdresser Sonia (from Russia, where she was an accountant!). Sonia is a wizard with the scissors and a wonder with the hairdryer. Arta is a butcher.

I didn't say anything in the salon hoping it would look better when I got home and besides there isn't much that can be done when too much has been hacked off.

The sides and back are ok, its the front that is the shocker. And I still can't quite put my finger on what exactly is wrong with it, but I think she might have put a few layers in the fringe bit(!!), its too short and not especially even.

'Its not that bad' said the OH helpfully 'although it does look a bit Eastern European' he added accurately, but less helpfully.

So I've spent the week trying to sweep it back without it looking like a comb-over and experimenting with scarves and hairbands. It will grow back but until then I'm avoiding any unnecessary social engagements.


M said...

Here is a pattern I find with hair dressers, no matter how much I pay them:

The first time: Fabulous

The second time: A hair triumph

The third time: Unrecognizable and not even close to the fabulously amazing original cut.

Why? Hairheimer's.

They just can't seem to remember from visit to visit what the f* they did to your hair.

Law of nature: A good haircut grows out in about a day; a bad haircut lasts into infinity and beyond.

The good news are not Britney Spears. Now THERE'S a bad hair cut....

Anonymous said...

My mother always used to say with the speed hair grows you are only ever 2 weeks away from a bad haircut, but I think she just adopted that mantra to placate my sister and I after she gave us 1970s wobbly fringes time after time as children...

I'm having a hair nightmare too as my regular hairdresser guy, who I've started to trust and does a good job has left the salon, so I'm going to have to find someone new to trust, which I'm a bit scared about and usually typically results in a 'Arta style cut' the first time...

SandDancer said...

Arta certainly won't be getting a second chance and I'll have to go to Sonia on a Sunday in future when it is definitely just her there - they don't let you request a specific person - its a most bizarre shop.

I always had a wobbly home cut fringe as a child too and this is possibly worse

Miss Forthright said...

Oh no, there's nothing more annoying than a bad haircut :o(