Thursday, February 15, 2007

Itt's Live, Anything Could Happen!!!

Last night we watched the Brit Awards. They were being broadcast live for the first time in 18 years, since the terrible ceremony hosted by Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood. Before it started, the announce made the above declaration in an overcited manner as if it was going to be the most startling, revoluationery piece of television ever.

Of course it wasn't.

I was pretty much universally disappointed with the Awards - in most of the categories, I either hated or was completely apathetic to the nominees, the few categories where there was a band/artist, I remotely liked, they didn't win. I was almost pleased to see Take That win an award even though I never liked them (I have met Jason's mother though) but only because there were other nominees that I hated (I would have preferred Razorlight to win but that was never going to happen) and I hope their refound success is rubbing salt in the wounds of that talentless bore Williams.

Then there was the live aspect of it. Yes, Russell Brand made a few off-colour remarks that went unedited but the bleeps covered up any swearing which must have counted for much of Oasis' performance and they blurred out Lily Allen smoking, which was strange because it isn't actually illegal and I'm sure people smoke on television in dramas and films. Who were they worried about offending really?

Was it in case children were watching? Surely a warning beforehand would suffice so any parents who didn't want their children to hear such language could turn it off? I'm sure any children old enough to be interested in this have probably heard swearing before and I think parents should take more responsibility for this themselves - its another symptom of an increasingly nanny-state where nobody is willing or able to take responsibility for anything in their own lives.

I thought Oasis were pretty poor (what wasn't being bleeped out) and I did like them once back in 1994. I still (embarrassingly) find Liam rather attractive - I realise he isn't very bright, is surly and somewhat simian looking, but I've a terrible weakness for the Manchester accent and arrogant frontmen. (I would probably rather go out for a beer with his brother though).

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