Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow Business Like Snow Business

As forecast, it has snowed overnight.

Rather disappointingly I managed to get into work without any trouble. I was a few minutes late but only because I was dithering over what to wear. In the end I did something I've never done before - wore trainers and took a change of shoes with me in my bag. I haven't worn trainers for ages and had forgotten how comfortable they are and they cut my walk to the station probably by about 3 minutes.

On the way, I passed this snowman (rubbish and for some reason tiny picture, hastily taken on my phone). I think it may be the first time I've seen a snowman in London in the 10 years I've lived here.

The great and the good of British theatre are struggling to make it to our offices today for a meeting, with various tales of delayed or abandoned journeys being phoned in. Whether we will get enough people for the meeting to go ahead remains to be seen, but on the plus side, there will be too much food so it looks a free lunch for us minions today.

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