Thursday, February 22, 2007

All systems go

After weeks of ineptitude and apathy, our seller's solcitor today faxed our solicitor to say they want to complete within the next couple of days because they are in danger of losing the place they are buying. They have shown no sense of urgency until now.

Two weeks ago, we were all worried it wasn't going to go through within our mortgage offer period (end of April) and now the ball seems to be rolling again at quite some pace. They still have to take out a Deed of Variation to correct some of the faults in the lease (its dull and complicated) but that will apparently be done between exchange and completion.

So we will now be spending the weekend pouring over paperwork. Yesterday, it felt like we might never move, and now today, it doesn't seem like much time at all as there are still so many things we need to sort out. None of it much fun.

As for the flat, I can barely remember what it looks like now and it being London, it is really just an overpriced shoebox. But it will at least be our shoebox, and it was a nicer shoebox than the other shoeboxes we looked at.


M said...

I love shoes, and they can come in the loveliest of boxes! Congrats on yours!

On your birthday, you were lamenting a 'lack of accomplishment' in your life. I'd say this is a big one. Not everyone can be a property owner.

And keep the big picture in mind -- you are buying a flat in one of the most storied and exciting cities in the world. The envy of matter how small the box.

Recently I was given a book about smart living in small spaces. Very clever ideas. Something like that might be worth a look.

Congrats and good luck in your new space!

SandDancer said...

That's one way of looking at it I suppose!

Those clever living in small spaces things are interesting but imply minimalist living I find and we have lots of 'things' - books, DVDs and records especially, that my partner refuses to part with. But it will be more space than we currently have so it should be ok.

M said...

Actually, I am amazed at what some of the small space concepts do with media (book/DVD/CD) storage. Edgy and clever stuff.

SandDancer said...

I've just found some books by designer Terence Conran about small spaces and another one about storage that are available in my local library, so I might check those out soon for inspiration.