Thursday, October 12, 2006

Your feedback is appreciated

I had an event at work this week which I had organised and had been worrying about. It went reasonably well - all of the speakers turned up and on the day the delegates seemed pretty happy. But yesterday was spent going through their feedback which is so disheartening. Overall the response was still good, but people's little moans really get to me.

The award for the best complaint goes to this gem, in answer to a question about the event's catering:

"The biscuits were too far away from the cheese."


Suz said...

That is laughable in the truest sense of the word! How very sad.

K said...

I'd be tempted to send the cheese person an envelope of Stinking Bishop and a cracker and ask them if that's close enough.

Would be a shame to waste good cheese though.


SandDancer said...

Nice suggestion, but unfortunately the moaner wasn't brave enough to put their name on their comments.