Monday, October 09, 2006


As well as 300 junk emails, there was a little parcel waiting for me at work today. It was addressed to me, but with the wrong company name (the other part of our office, not the bit I work for). Inside was this little fella.

A present from Firebox via apparently. I've never bought anything from either company so far as I can remember and certainly never using work's address and the wrong company name.

He is part of a collectable set and this one is Curious. Others in the set inlcude Shy, Surprised and Silly. He apprently expresses his moods through lights and has an impressive array of 5 different light shows (like a weekend in Blackpool!)

The instructions state he is for one user only - it had never occured to me that he might be for multiple users.


Jen said...

How utterly bizarre! But also rather endearing, I wonder how come it was sent to you? Most mysterious lol.

SandDancer said...

In the course of a day, I've become addicted to pressing his button so he flashes. Still no clearer as to why I've received him though.