Thursday, October 19, 2006


Having moaned about not getting much in the way of free theatre tickets, I was given tickets to the press night of "Summer and Smoke" last night, which was much appreciated. The stars were Rosamund Pike and Chris Carmack, who was in The OC (I'm clueless about such things, but the girl sat next to me told me).

It was very good (not much of theatre critic, me). Having done quite a bit of backstage amateur stuff, I'm always impressed by the set design and stage management in the West End, although I was pleased to see people dressed in black moving chairs last night - that brought back memories!

I also got a free chocolate bar in M&S yesterday and two free cinema ticket vouchers on Saturday (plus copious amounts of wine on Sunday). I'm on the hunt for more freebies!


Jen said...

Oh, that's great Sand Dancer, I think Rosamund Pike's a brilliant actress, she's in my favourite film of all time: The Libertine (alongside Johnny Depp)...s o quite envious that you saw her on stage ;)

And, yes, freebies are great aren't they?!

SandDancer said...

She was very good in this. Must check out the Libertine - I do like a bit of Mr Depp too.